What our course participants say

  • “It’s been such a useful course. I have learned how to make meals from scratch and it has given me confidence to try new things at home. I am really loving cooking at home with the children too as it’s a great way to spend time together. Thanks you so much and I look forward to another course with you.”
  • “I had the opportunity to spend some time with my daughter, preparing and sharing a meal together without other distractions. Will try to do this more at home in the future!”
  • “I have found new ways of making food taste great and have given up salt completely.”
  • “I have realised how easy it is to cook cheap and healthy meals.”
  • “I’ve got to try things that I’ve never eaten before and found that I really like them. I can’t believe that my children have been so good at trying new things. We will try to do more cooking at home.”

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